CENTAUR Building Contracting is a part of “Centuar Group of Companies” which is comprise of different division and companies who are engaged from Fire Fighting Security and HVAC, maritime to Civil Works.
It was the demand and need of our in-house companies for some one to do civil jobs that brought up the idea of establishing “Centaur Building Contracting”, the Civil Division, from the on, all civil works for Construction of Warehouse, Office Buildings, Maintenance, hard-landscaping, Pump house construction, Pipeline Installation and others are entrusted to us.
Our competitive and well-experience staffs and manpower are our strength in able for us to hand over our finished projects as timely, efficient and of standard
  • Construction of Villas/Building
  • Construction of Warehouses
  • Land Scaping works
  • Excavation & Compaction
  • Construction of Foundations
  • Concrete Works of Civil Structures
  • Interlock Tiles
  • Coring of Holes in RCC Slab
  • Earth Rod & Pit Installation
  • Sub-Structure Civil Works
  • Super Structure Civil Works
  • Cable Laying
  • Kerbstones
  • Waterproofing Work of Sub-Structures
  • Repairing Work of Concrete Structures
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